Company name: Mianyang city promote technology Co. Ltd.
Company address: Mianyang high tech Zone adjacent to Liaoning Avenu

Company profile

Mianyang Hongyang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the development of science and technology “ ”) is located in the city of science and technology China — — Liaoning High-tech Zone, Mianyang City, Sichuan province. &ldquo development of science and technology; ” is a professional engaged in accelerator and high-tech company high power pulse system device related materials for a long time, high performance materials provides important scientific research projects in china. As the &lsquo conversion; ’ project, in the 2004 restructuring and investment in high tech Zone of Mianyang City, 55000000 yuan, 40 acres of land, the new China's only one for the accelerator and high power pulse system related materials R & D and production base, construction area of 18000 square meters, including production workshop, office building, research building, the staff residential building.


“ developing technology ” since its establishment, to the quality, credibility quickly and took the domestic high-end market, according to market demand at home and abroad, actively strengthen and CAEP, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the colleges and universities and many other scientific research institutions to produce, learn, research in-depth cooperation, and aim at the future development trend of nuclear energy, environmental protection, medical, health, scientific research, increase the high-end product development efforts. At present, ferrite materials company has a variety of performance, the manufacturing process of the world's most high-end, to produce the world's largest size ferrite devices; manufacturing process and formula with high performance large size of microwave dielectric ceramic materials and devices; has the ability to produce high power, high repetition rate SiC semiconductor optical switch; has a high voltage pulse generator, a pulse forming line, high power switch, high voltage measurement equipment design and manufacture of high power pulse, the key parts of the system capacity


since 2005, &ldquo &rdquo started to develop science and technology; development; dielectric wall accelerator (USA in Research), which is widely used as a kind of accelerator, which can be used for heavy ion cancer therapy, can also be used to generate clean, high efficient green energy, and for the time critical driving, nuclear waste disposal, particle beam sterilization, plant seed improvement and other fields, and in scientific research also has a wide application prospect in. After several years of efforts, has now developed a plurality of dielectric wall accelerator key components, such as dielectric wall accelerator unit, acceleration pulse forming device, and the successful completion of the dielectric wall accelerator unit overlay experiments, confirmed the feasibility of the accelerator.


in enterprise software and hardware configuration, “ developing technology ” has a long been engaged in research related technology field, hard work, solidarity and cooperation of the scientific research team; has the office automation and the R & D and production of complete sets of equipment; have an the world leading level of functional material synthesis and processing technology; has the domestic advanced, leading to a number of patented technology products


in the enterprise development strategy and product market, to promote science and technology “ ” gradually improve the modern enterprise management system, based on the national high-tech industrialization strategy to guide the future development of enterprises, and actively explore the feasible way to transform high-tech market and application of scientific and technological achievements create a unique competitive advantage, enterprise technology development and application platform, cultivating core competitiveness, grasp the core technology of the golden key that opens the market


“ I sneak, social commitment ”. &ldquo development of science and technology; ” always to unremitting self-improvement entrepreneurial spirit, development road, take the independent R & D and foreign cooperation combination of steady, return to the society, is a virtuous circle of development track gradually.....