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Overview of High-performance Large-size Kicker and Extraction Magnet for Accelerator

1. China Spallation Neutron Source:

The product is made of a magnetic material with high saturation magnetic induction density, low remanence and low coercivity, and is used for beam transmission, deflection, kicker and extraction of the accelerator. The magnet requires double C shape butt joint. Its maximum size is 310mm*250mm*100mm. (for the same American product, the C-shaped product can only be divided into three blocks and fired, so the price is more than one time higher than that of our product.)

2. Heavy Ion Accelerator of Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics:

The C-shaped product has the following three specifications:




Square product:


The above-mentioned products are wholly fired, which solves the domestic urgent need and creates similar products with the maximum size.

3. C-shaped and Window-shaped Magnet of European Particle Accelerator Research Center:

Product sizes are:

The product is wholly fired.